Why Keep Your Gas Tank Full in the Winter?

Keeping the gas tank full in your car is the easiest way to prevent a number of issues that could impact you driving this winter. Consider these reasons to always have the gas tank as full as possible.

The trouble with driving in the winter is you never know when trouble could strike. You may hit a patch of black ice and slip off the road or crash into snow back on a deserted road. If the tank is low on fuel, now you are stuck without the ability to use the heater because you run out of gas in…

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Don’t Settle for Less with Your Headlights

You probably think of bringing your vehicle into our service center when something crucial is occurring like a problem with your vehicle starting up, or you suspect that your brakes are not working properly. We can help you with other things though such as servicing your headlights.

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All-Wheel or 4-Wheel Drive? The Choice is Yours

The different types of drivetrains have been subject to debate for quite some time now. More often than not the debate revolves around the four-wheel drives and the all-wheel drives. The choice of the system literally goes down to the needs of the driver and sometimes their tastes. At Tim Short Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT in Pikeville, KY, our staff will be willing to take you through the pros and cons of all drivetrains.

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Windshield Wiper Fluid Can Make Winter Driving Easier

Paying closer attention to what is in the washer reservoir this winter can make all the difference in your car taking better care of you on the road. These are a couple things that you want to consider about getting windshield wiper fluid added this season.

The best windshield wiper fluid contains a small amount of antifreeze, but that helps it to give the driver a number of benefits. This means the solution will not be freezing as the temperatures drop, so you can rest assured knowing anything on your windshield can be quickly washed away. 

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Throw Away That Old 3,000 Mile Oil Change Rule

For quite some time many of us vehicle owners have been regularly changing out our engine's oil every 3,000 miles or so, but in recent years, the automobile manufacturers themselves have been recommending changes at 7,500 miles or more for their vehicles.

One of the biggest impacts on when you need to change your oil is the way in which you operate your vehicle. If you send a lot of time in stop and go traffic, driving in extremely hot or cold weather or make frequent short distance trips that don't allow your engine to properly…

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Help Tim Short Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT Spread Awareness on Move Over Laws

According to the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition, America loses up two hundred roadside workers every year. As if that is not disturbing enough, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund also reported that up to one hundred and fifty law enforcers have died since 1997 after being hit by speeding vehicles.

The loss of lives is extremely disturbing. That is why at Tim Short Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT in we look forward to increasing awareness of the Slowdown and Move over Laws. The set of rules is specifically meant to enhance the safety of those people who work…

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Choosing Tires Appropriate for Your Needs

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Shopping for new tires for your vehicle can be an exciting journey if you know what you are doing. If you have a clear idea of what you need, it can be interesting to look through all of the tires that are available.

You should consider the kind of driving that you do and find tires that suit you.

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Fluid Service Is Important Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle fluid services should never be overlooked, but unfortunately many drivers tend to do so. You want to make sure every fluid in your vehicle is checked often, as each fluid has a particular job to do, and without enough fluid, the key parts of your ride can falter.

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Road Tips for a Safe Halloween

Halloween is a favorite night for many kids. Roads are often full of trick-or-treaters. Unfortunately, this also presents unique dangers that drivers have to watch out for. Halloween historically has the highest number of pedestrian road accidents for a single night. To enjoy the night without being stressed, follow these tips for safe driving.

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