You've Made Your Final Decision, Now What's Best? Leasing or Financing?

When Pikeville drivers shop at the Tim Short Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat dealership, they can look forward to finding the perfect match for their driving needs, as well as the shopping choices that suit their financial needs best. Here is a brief rundown on how leasing and buying can benefit you as a first-time car buyer.

Drivers who tend to lease their vehicles love the latest and the greatest when it comes to brand new car models. Leases last usually two to three years are cheaper when it comes to monthly payments, and you can turn your vehicle in after your lease agreement ends and lease a newer updated model. However, you may have to pay penalty fees if you go over the agreed mileage or if you damage the exterior or interior.

When you finance your vehicle, your monthly payments may be slightly more expensive, but the vehicle you purchase is yours, and yours only. This means you are in full control of your vehicle's routine maintenance, and if you wish to customize your car to your liking, you can do so. You are also able to sell your vehicle at any time you want to.

Speak with our financial team once you've found the model that suits you best and see which route between financing and leasing is best for you!

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