Fluid Service Is Important Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle fluid services should never be overlooked, but unfortunately many drivers tend to do so. You want to make sure every fluid in your vehicle is checked often, as each fluid has a particular job to do, and without enough fluid, the key parts of your ride can falter.

That's why it's important to always check fluid levels. Sometimes the fluid just needs to be changed, such is the case often with oil. Your owner's manual will be more elaborate on your specific intervals for oil changes. You'll need to make sure the oil is changed to keep your motor fresh. The oil lubricates the parts within the motor, as it is an essential fluid in your vehicle to run smoothly.

The same is true for your transmission fluid. You'll want to check this often as well. Transmission fluid allows you to change gears, and a low level could result in expensive repairs.

Brake fluid is another part of significant regular automobile maintenance. Experts will tell you this fluid is essential for the livelihood of your brakes and your own safety as well.

You can visit our service center here at Tim Short Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT today for more tips on great regular maintenance practices. We hope you schedule your service appointment with us in Pikeville soon!

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