Going on a Summer Road Trip

Going on a summer road trip takes some planning. It is important to have your vehicle checked out for safety reasons. Many times the oil needs to be changed and the tires need to be rotated and filled with air. Your mechanic can check the air conditioner, battery, brakes, hoses and belts, and any electrical issues your car may be having as well. Your road trip should go as planned with a precise route and map, to refer back to from time to time.
In case of an auto accident or break down, it is necessary to have an emergency kit handy. You will need a flashlight, spare tire and tools, reflector/flare, first aid kit, and plenty of water. Planning for entertainment and food will also be necessary for long road trips. Filling a cooler with ice, sandwiches, fruits, water, and snacks can help make a long trip go smoothly.
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