Do You Have an Emergency Roadside Kit?

No one really expects an emergency to occur. However, when an emergency does occur, some people may be more prepared than others.

Before you encounter an emergency situation and feel helpless, prepare yourself with a roadside emergency kit. Since you never know when or what kind of emergency you might encounter, it is always wise to carry a number of items with you in an emergency roadside kit. A flashlight is a good item to start with. That would get followed by a cell phone and charger for calling emergency personnel and some road flares for traffic. You might consider keeping a first aid kit with the roadside kit. Some bottled drinking water would also be plausible because you do not know how long you are going to get detained in the emergency situation. Some non-perishable snacks would also be a great idea. And, of course, jumper cables might just be the thing to think of first. Last, but certainly not least, a fire extinguisher might come in handy.

It is hoped that you will never need it, but it would be good to have this kit, just in case. In addition, if your vehicle needs any repairs or you just want to get a service to check your vehicle as a precaution, make an appointment with our dealership at Tim Short Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT in Pikeville, KY.

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