Effective and Safe Driving

Most people would like to believe they are exceptional drivers, but it is extremely important always to practice safety while you are driving wherever you go. Due to driving unsafely, many people get in accidents every day. So, for your safety, please make sure you are aware of all your surroundings, so you don't risk harming yourself or anyone around you.

When driving on the road with a lot of traffic, make sure you give yourself enough space between the car in front of you to avoid any collision. Always plan ahead to prevent any accidents from occurring. Make sure to take any precautions as needed, do not go driving if you're feeling drowsy, adjust all your mirrors, seats, etc. This is also where good working brakes and tires come into play. So, if you would like us at Tim Short Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT in Pikeville, KY, to service your vehicle, give us a call.

Many accidents are caused by texting. Whenever you are driving a vehicle, do not text and drive. If you must look at your messages, it is important to make sure you drive safely and pull over to manage your texts or emails.

Overall, these are just a few things to make sure your driving is effective and safe for yourself and those who are with you.

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